Schuco SI 82

Schuco Corona SI 82 window systems have three levels of drainage and conventional steel reinforcing profiles. Thanks to industrial fabrication and fast availability, they can now be used to build low-energy windows for houses economically and to a high standard. Corona SI 82 window systems or window doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both new-build and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security.

  • Profile depth of 82 mm
  • Narrow face width of 120 mm
  • Increased basic depth for more security and protection against break-in
  • Vent geometry with quarter-rebated, half-rounded vent appearance
  • 6-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties
  • Three drainage levels for optimum protection aginst wind, rain and noise
  • Uw values up to 0.9 W/(m2K) - depending on profile combination and glazing
  • Compared with standard windows, 30% more glass surfaces (light) when building with Corona SI 82 with the same level of thermal insulation

Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows are fabricated from the Corona SI 82. The ideal response to rising energy costs and more stringent environmental protection requirements

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Effective heating oil savings and CO2 reductions through Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows satisfy both commercial and environmental requirements.

Six sealed air chambers within the frame profile provide for high thermal efficiency which was not previously possible without expensive additional measures. By replacing your old windows, you will reduce the amount of energy you use by up to 19%, the equivalent of up to 660 litres of oil for the average family home. At the same time, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 1050 m3.


In addition to their contemporary, elegant appearance, Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows also offer a high level of security and protection for your home. The latest technolgy thwarts thieves and burglars and makes your home more secure.

Through its high level of resistance, Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows provides protection against intruders: through steel reinforcements on all sides and an above-average basic depth with predominantly internally mounted fittings that are secured in steel.


In addition to advanced profile technology, Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows offer a high level of noise and weather protection through three independent gasket levels. The excellent thermal insulation properties make Thermo 6 energy-saving windows the best choice for warmth - even in the depths of winter, the temperature of the frame on the inside does not noticeably drop below the interior temperature. Draughts and condensation are therefore effectively and permanently avoided.


Due to its innovative window and frame technology, Schuco SI82 Thermo 6 energy-saving windows allow modern design and slimline face widths to be combined with superb thermal insulation properties. Despite excellent thermal insulation properties, the frame profiles remain slim and elegant, allowing maximum light to penetrate interior space. For new-build homes in particular, Thermo 6 energy-saving windows allow you to install more generously proportioned windows and therefore lighter and more airy living spaces. The window areas can be increased in size by up to 305 - all whilst still meeting statutory thermal insulation requirements.

The use of a very wide variety of foil applications, whether similar to RAL colours or as wood imitation, help make your façade that much more individual.g

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